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Language: English
Page: 272
ISBN: 0312206216, 9780312206215

From Publishers Weekly

Switching from futuristic techno-thrillers (Choosers of the Slain; Sea Strike) to a mystery set in the past, Cobb gives readers a shameless ode to the joys of the 1950s muscle carAand barely enough plot to fill the back of a postage stamp. Vacationing cop Kevin Pulaski guns his '57 Chevy across country, following the fabled Route 66 from Chicago to California, in the tail end of a hot summer in 1958. Occupying the passenger seat is the sultry Lisette Kingman, daughter of Johnny 32, a murdered mobster who stole and ran from his partners. Now Lisette is on the trail of the missing money, some 200 large. She's being helped by Pulaski and tailed by Mace Spano, one of her father's partners. More a period-piece travelogue than a mystery, this extended car chase doesn't offer enough surprises. The tale is as linear and as lonely as a stretch of rural interstate. Mace and his henchmen, plus two members of the Cluster clan, Ira and Jubal, do provide some psychotic color, showing up threateningly along the way. But it's hard to see how this novel will hold the attention of anyone but vintage car buffs and open road enthusiasts hankering for the wide empty spaces of yesteryear. (Sept.)
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From Kirkus Reviews

And now, for something a little different, Cobb time-travels back from the 21st century and the world of technothrillers (Sea Strike, 1998, etc.) to 1957 and the world of, well, Jack Kerouac. Meet vacationing Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Kevin Pulaski, who loves his hot, custom-built57 Chevy and every bend in the fabled Route 66. At a truck stop on his way home from a family visit in Chicago, Kevin encounters that staple of mystery fiction, a beautiful if dangerous damsel in distress. On the spot, she transforms him into a combination road warrior and knight-errant. Lysette Kingman is the daughter of notorious but now dead mobster Johnny 32. More importantly, she's the stepdaughter of the ruthless, alive, and repellent Mace Spanno, once her dad's comrade in thuggery. Some years ago, Johnny double-crossed his low-life partner and stole a quarter of a million from him. Though Spanno caught and killed Johnny, the money was never found. Now, Spanno's convinced Lysette knows where it is, which is why he's been tracking her so assiduouslyand why she so desperately needs the protection of a brave and resourceful hard-driver like Kevin. (She also thinks he's cute.) From Chicago to the Mojave Desert, Lysette and Kevin follow the ``Mother Road'' while Spanno and his evil henchmen follow them in turnmuch too closely. Fistfights and firefights ensue, interspersed with a couple of above-average love scenes. Inevitably, Spanno and Kevin connect, go one-on-one with guns blazing, after which both collect their just (and contrasting) rewards. Cobb's prose is sometimes as souped-up as Kevin's beloved Chevy, but by the finish you've had a pretty entertaining ride. -- Copyright ©1999, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

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